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Save money by using our wood mulch service when you get your trees removed by us. We can turn your tree removal waste into glorious nutrient rich mulch, ready to spread throughout your garden.

High quality, nutrient-rich garden mulch converted from your tree removal service.

As a tree removal or tree maintenance customer of Better Trees Bay of Plenty,we can provide you with mulch for your garden and property.

Wood mulch is an easy and environmentally friendly way to ensure the health of your garden. It reduces the number of weeds (who loves weeding?) and keeps the moisture in for year-round healthy plants.

Garden mulch also, draws attention to your plants and gives a cohesive, professional finish to your garden.

Creating Mulch

Better Trees’ fast chipper can chip most plants and off-cuts including tough plants such as bamboo and palm. It produces a fine, quality chip that your garden or orchard will love and prosper with.

How Much Garden Mulch Do I Need?

Not sure how much you need? That’s ok, we can help you work it out. We’ll deliver the right quantity straight to your property, when you need it, ready to scatter under trees and throughout your garden beds. The size, type and age of the mulch will help determine where it is best suited.
Mulch made from organic material decomposes over time, releasing nutrients into the soil and improving the soil’s structure by aiding in drainage, encouraging biodiversity and increasing nutrient retention.

Mulch Benefits

Retaining moisture in the soil

Increasing the soil’s nutrient capacity

A landscaping bulking agent to fill in empty spaces

As ground cover to suppress weeds

A temperature regulator for your garden to keep the soil cool in summer and protect from frost in the winter

A slow release fertiliser

Become a Mulch Drop-off Point

If you’re interested in large amounts of mulch or for your property to be a mulch drop off point get in touch.

Your garden mulch delivery is just a phone call away – call us on 02 041 621 601 or contact us
here to arrange a convenient time for you.