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Hedge Trimming Services

Hedge Trimming Services | Arborist Tauranga

To maintain your property’s functionality and curb appeal, our expert hedge trimming services at Better Trees Ltd are an excellent choice for Bay of Plenty customers. We offer tree removal, tree maintenance, unruly hedge trimming, fruit tree maintenance and more for large and small trees and diverse project sizes in the area, completing a fantastic job on each property.

In meeting with our team for hedge trimming and tree pruning, you can keep your property looking aesthetically pleasing and stop them from overgrowing to an undesired size and shape. Additionally, regular hedge trimming will promote improved plant health and heightened growth. Hedging maintenance removes dead and unhealthy branches with regular trimming, allowing the plant to give more energy for new leaf growth.

With a free no-obligation quote, we will get the job done for your needs with great service and professional care, from initial enquiry to the finished task. We use modern tools to trim gardens and hedging to complete a fantastic job for hedge cutting.

Professional Land & Tree Maintenance

Tree & Hedge Trimming

If you require tree & hedge trimming for a small or extensive part of your property, we are well equipped to complete a fantastic job and finely tune our services to meet your needs. We house a team of arboriculture professionals for tree and hedge trimming and a broad range of core tree maintenance and removal services.

Hire a Better Trees arborist Tauranga or surrounding Bay of Plenty property if you have large, mature trees in your area requiring removal or hedge trimming and maintenance tasks. We are based in the Western Bay of Plenty, providing tree services for residential and commercial areas, new property developments, parks, orchards, farms, and more local properties.

Tree & Hedge Trimming | Arborist Tauranga

When is the Right Time for Hedge Trimming?

The right time of the year for hedge trimming in New Zealand depends on the type of hedge and its condition, however, late winter and early spring is the best time to contact our team for hedge trimming services. We enact hedge trimming during this time due to the dormancy of some plants during winter, which can cause stress on the plants. Hedge pruning should occur before the plant has produced buds, and by avoiding trimming during hot, dry weather can reduce the burning of new foliage.

Our Machine Hedge Trimming

>The processes we enact for hedge trimming, tree pruning, and tree removal are empowered by high-quality equipment and our considerable knowledge and experience. We can perform hedging for large, tall plants with cherry picker equipment to effectively reach difficult-to-access hedges, while our hedge trimmers make light work of heavy-duty landscaping work.

How Often Should I Conduct Hedge Trimming

Partnering with us for hedge trimming from our qualified arborists at least once yearly is an excellent choice to promote plant health and keep your hedges looking aesthetically pleasing. Late winter hedge pruning is a necessary process to maintain the health and shape of your hedging, where dormant buds have not yet used energy from the plant so that your hedges can produce new growth.

The Benefits of Hedges

Hedge trimming is beneficial for any property as it improves curb appeal, while hedges add privacy, protection, and security. After unruly hedge cutting or regular hedge trimming, a hedge will complement vertical gardens, providing elegance for your property.

Absolute Customer Satisfaction

We are committed to gaining customer satisfaction for each project and completing a fabulous job for all task sizes. Initially, we hope to explain why hedges are so important for every property, elevating the beauty of your garden through tidiness, structure, and more. Additionally, our team is experienced, with qualified arborists who have worked throughout New Zealand and Australia.

Our great service puts excellent communication first, attending to a range of arborist services, from hedge trimming to stump grinding. We make it super easy for you to take care of your garden and property, getting hedges trimmed and working with you to find the best course of action for your needs.

Residential and Commercial Services

Health comes first when we assess your project, where we prune trees in ways that aid their health, preserving them to avoid tree removal. When you get in touch with us for hedge trimming, we give honest advice on the best timings and service types to maintain the health of plants on your property.

We won’t be dissuaded by a large tree, hill section, or other difficult characteristics of the residential or commercial site, providing tree work, hedge maintenance, and comprehensive tree care for a large section. With great communication, our services are highly recommended by past clients, where, after stump grinding or tree removal using our modern equipment, we will clear the site, leaving it tidy and well-kept.

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