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When it comes to tree removal services, there’s no better team than Better Trees for Bay of Plenty properties. We have a specialist team of qualified arborists who deliver complete tree services, including tree removal, tree felling, tree pruning, and tree trimming, routinely performing an amazing job for each project. Our confidence in large, challenging, and dangerous tree removal has allowed us to become excellent local professional arborists.

At Better Trees Ltd, we are committed to offering a wide range of tree services and accessing tight, hard-to-reach locations.

Large trees on your property can be worrisome, risking damage to your assets and neighbouring housing. Therefore, we offer our tree felling services to remove trees safely from your home, bringing you peace of mind. So, whether you need us for a simple tree pruning task or to be contracted for a large-scale tree felling project, we will work with professionalism and offer excellent advice, keeping you involved throughout our time on-site.

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Difficult Tree Removal Services

We are equipped for difficult tree removal, completing any service with excellent affordability and maintaining New Zealand safety standards. 

Each member of our team is qualified and knowledgeable about the techniques and equipment used for tree work and tree removal to ensure that whether for a small or large tree, we take care to protect against threats to property.

Difficult Tree Removal Services - Better Trees | Arborist Tauranga

When to Enact Tree Removal

You should consider tree removal if you have a dead tree on your property, where the tree no longer exhibits benefits of aesthetic appeal, shade, or water retention, posing a danger to individuals or buildings due to reduced structural integrity. Removing dead trees can also reduce the likelihood of plant diseases for other trees on property.

If you have trees exhibiting signs of disease, besides a diminish on your property’s curb appeal, pests and infection can spread and decrease its structural integrity. Storm-damaged trees may be dangerous to property and are good candidates for tree removal, while if any tree is risking damage to your building, such as through root systems, our tree services will assist.

We are always happy to help with tree removal if a tree is blocking a new development or for any multitude of reasons. If you think it’s time for tree removal, feel free to contact our team for a no-obligation, free quote.

We have gained our strong position in the local industry by conducting tree removal services in difficult locations and regardless of the size of the tree, hill and difficult to reach areas or rough and undulating terrain.

Our Expertise and Equipment

Our expertise in tree removal services, tree pruning, tree care, tree trimming and more tree services allows our work to be sought after by locals. We use excellent, modern equipment to service challenging jobs, where our gear means that we specialise in big trees, difficult accessways, and technical jobs.

Health always comes first in our services, where we act as tree doctors to deliver regular tree pruning and tree care suggestions to aid in tree health unless they require tree removal. Working with clients to determine the best course of action, we act with excellent communication and great customer service throughout the tree pruning, tree trimming, tree care, or tree removal service.

Our team is committed to safe working practices, with high standards being upheld for our environmental awareness and work, with insurance for up to 2 million, should any damages occur. So, if you require reliable wood splitting, stump grinding services, large tree removal or more, contact us today!

Excellent Contracting

As solo contractors, we keep costs low and deliver a quality job for each customer. We offer our contracting service for large projects with expert, efficient tree services.

Our team has successfully delivered contracting for councils, utilities, government, and commercial businesses for their tree removal services, tree pruning, tree care, tree trimming, palm tree removal, Tauranga, and local areas.

What Happens During Tree Removal?

We act with great communication during tree removal, with our professional team producing excellent results. The tree cutting down is completed with care to avoid property damage during trunk felling, becoming mulch and wood chips, or offered for on-site firewood. Additionally, branches can be cut into smaller logs before being hauled away or offered as firewood with our splitting service, cutting wood to suit the size of your fireplace.

Our friendly team of experienced arborists will get your tree removed providing a fantastic job for each project.


After regular tree removal services, or urgent tree removal, you can have the tree roots removed. Stump grinding services and stump removal will be up to you, as they can be hazardous, ruin your property’s curb appeal, and allow pests to come on the property.

Stump Grinding And Removal Services?

Stump grinding is a simpler task than stump removal, where our complete tree removal service allows for choices on your property. Natural stump decay can take years and cause issues on your property, so dealing with a tree stump after the tree removal service is a good course of action.

Please get in touch with our qualified arborist team today if our tree care services would assist your property. We will pair you with a very professional team for any big tree removal, tree pruning, tree trimming and more.

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