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Firewood Splitting

Wood splitting can be a time-consuming process.

Take the hassle out of cutting and splitting firewood, where we size and split on-site to suit your fireplace size.

Log splitting is an exhausting exercise, especially if you do not have modern tools and are splitting wood on the chopping block.

Additionally, if you don’t use the proper technique or the right tools, safety glasses, and comfortable splitting axe handle, injuries can occur with each swing of the axe’s weight on the chopping block. We can turn a tree removal into your family’s yearly firewood with large professional chainsaws and an excellent, powerful wood splitter that makes fast work of any project.

Partnering with us to split wood or adding split firewood onto our services on your property won’t drastically add to our time on-site, where our expertise and motivation to provide speedy service will have us splitting logs with ease and promptness. Our wood splitting price is based on per cubic metre of split wood created, including clean up and transportation time to your wood shed, usually ranging from $80 per cubic metre split.

If you need firewood in Tauranga, get in touch!

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Firewood Splitting Service

By partnering with our team for a firewood splitting service, you can make the most of your property’s wood waste after tree removal. After asking our team to split wood for your property, you can gain a large amount of split firewood from a felled tree or tree removal, whether planned or necessitated by emergency circumstances, such as a storm causing tree instability.

We are based close to Papamoa. We specialise in challenging tree removal projects, accessing remote and tight locations for tree removal, splitting logs and more.

Our services are applicable for parks, new property developments, residential and commercial areas, and more.

Firewood Splitting Service | Arborist Tauranga

Making the Most of a removal

Conducting a tree removal often is necessitated by dying trees that are becoming structurally weakened, and with firewood splitting, you can make the most of a felled tree. We are happy to split small logs to fit your fireplace, helping you have a steady supply of wood with smaller pieces for your domestic use.

With our complete range of services, we can take care of the whole thing, facilitating all needs with expert arborists. No job is too large for our team, where we are available for extensive contracting, delivering sizable tree felling, removal, tree stump removal, hedge trimming, and more.

Why Contact Us?

Please contact us if you have any firewood needs or require the services of an arborist Tauranga or throughout the surrounding Bay of Plenty region. With our team splitting firewood, you do not need to harness your inner lumberjack, setting up a chopping block and striking on the thin edge. We split wood in large quantities with professional equipment and tools to avoid the time consumption and laborious process of manual swing power. We build a wood stack in no time without requiring your energy.

At Better Trees, we are committed to safety and respect for the environment while on your property, with our high standard of safe working practices equipping us to deliver care and sound advice for your trees. When we get to work on a firewood pile, we are fully insured to split logs into small pieces and attend to your entire tree needs.

Splitting VS Full Logs

Comparing split firewood to full logs is important when building a fire. We hope to familiarise customers with the nuances between the wood styles, helping you select the right type for your needs. Splitting firewood encourages faster drying, removing moisture to aid in the wood combustion process as only half of the wood pieces are covered by bark which retains water.

Additionally, splitting wood makes it easier to light and produces more heat. Whole logs burn for longer than split firewood, so it’s up to you which type to choose. Our team offers split wood and full logs for local clients, turning your trees on the property into a full firewood supply of seasoned wood.

Softwood and Hardwood

While softwood is the leading lumbar form, hardwood performs better than firewood. We understand the species of trees found in the Bay of Plenty, recognising how the density of hardwoods allows for longer burning. If you contact us to get your wood split, you can enjoy the warmth for longer and have to go through your wood stores more slowly.

Homegrown Firewood

Whether after planting trees for homegrown firewood  or making the most of an overgrown tree, we will be happy to help with your stores. As trees grow old, tire structurally, and are at risk of property damage, tree felling is usually the best course of action.

We always seek to bring your tree back to health, but if you require tree removal, we can make the most of the process by getting the wood split for your property.

Efficient, Careful Service

We are an experienced team of qualified arborists, gaining experience to deal with extensive projects by working throughout New Zealand and Australia from large trees to bush clearance.

Our excellent communication and fair prices mean that we are an excellent choice for Bay of Plenty locals, servicing their needs with experience, impressive technical capability, and friendly interactions.


Better Trees can come to your home to split your excess wood on site.
Our fire splitting service is fast and cuts the wood perfectly to loaf-size for easy stacking and a perfect fit in your fireplace.

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