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Fruit Trees Maintenance​

By selecting Better Trees for fruit tree pruning specialists, you can safeguard the health and output of your trees. We offer fruit tree maintenance for local properties in the Bay of Plenty region, delivering heightened tree health and taking care of your property and the environment.

Servicing large contract requirements, we offer contracting for extensive arborist needs. The timing and method of pruning services can enhance your crop in terms of quality and quantity. We are capable of servicing residential and commercial fruit trees, being an effective part of orchard management plans and using modern technology to deliver excellent service in large quantities.

From avocados to apples, we recognise the maintenance requirements of New Zealand fruit trees. Understanding the risk of over-pruning on the lifetime of your fruit trees and acting according to your needs and fruit output expectation, we offer honest, reliable advice supported by our experience in the industry.

Fruit Tree pruning

Our fruit tree pruning will cover many considerations, with formative pruning that ensures your new fruit trees have the best start for a bumper crop, dead wooding, thinning, shelterbelt reduction and more. Choosing an arborist, Tauranga or for your Bay of Plenty property for your fruit pruning is a must for anyone who enjoys growing fruit in the backyard or commercially.

Eating homegrown fruit can be an incredibly satisfying experience, but fruit tree maintenance is required to produce fruit that is tasty, easily harvested, and in the required quantities. Once you contact our team, we can make a lasting plan to prune fruit trees in your garden or orchard, taking the stress out of fruit tree care.

'' Alex Did A Great Job Of Pruning My Avocado Trees. He Also Attended To My Ornamental Shrubs And Trees While On The Property. He Is A Knowledgeable, Conscientious And Pleasant Young Man To Work With ''

- Jessica Rickard: Orchardist –

Protecting the Health of Your Fruit Trees

With pruning, fruit trees can remain healthy and live longer, with our team removing dead or diseased branches and maintaining tree shape and size. Additionally, you can develop your fruit tree for more sunlight reaching its centre, improving air movement and circulation, and reducing the risk of disease.

By partnering with our team, we will offer advice on the best time of year and form of pruning for your fruit tree type, from nectarine trees to apple trees. Additionally, by understanding the age requirements of fruit trees and having experience with all pruning styles, we can enhance your tree health and suggest excellent options to suit the style of your site.

Early Fruit tree Pruning

During the first three years of a fruit tree’s life cycle, pruning should be enacted to form its shape, increasing scaffold strength and creating structure. Year one helps by implementing the form of your fruit tree and encouraging growth. Year two removes inward-facing branches and lower shoots, minimising upward shoots to allow for new branches. Year three will see your fruit tree complete its shape, where we will cut the best branches in half, strengthening the tree to carry fruit.

After year three, fruit trees become less time intensive, only needing large branches to be reduced and for top pruning to keep tree height manageable. Five years and onward only requires yearly pruning after fruiting. We are available for any form of tree removal, should you be considering a remodel, firewood, or more plans for local gardens.

Shaping Your Fruit Trees

Choices are included during the fruit tree shaping process, offering a special touch to fit well with any garden. With natural shaping that allows for tall fruit trees and natural styling, you can create your space with natural gardening techniques and a “hands-off” philosophy.

However, specific pruning can deliver tailored solutions to mesh your fruit trees with a garden style. An open leader shape suits stone fruit trees perfectly, such as a peach tree, with the style looking like a vase, leaving open space at the tree centre to aid in your tree’s overall health. The central leader fruit tree shape has the central tree trunk as the main feature, pruning away all lower branches to emphasise the leader. Lastly, the espalier form is a flat tree shape, fitted against a trellis or wall, saving space or decorating a garden with edible fences or hedges.

When to Prune Fruit Trees

Pruning fruit trees is enacted at certain times of the year, enhancing tree and fruit growth. In most fruit tree cases, we suggest pruning in winter or spring during the dormant tree stage, before new growth, and mid to late summer pruning to control regrowth and reduce height.

We are committed to focusing on tree health first, protecting your trees for long-term output, rather than abusing their immediate fruiting. Our pruning services are aware of health needs, going above and beyond to equip and preserve your trees during active months.

Our Professional Arborists

The team of professional arborists at Better Trees have been working in the industry for years, gaining techniques, equipment, and knowledge about local trees and their maintenance through our extensive experience. We are well equipped to service bush clearance projects, tree removal, and more, and can reach projects through rugged accessways and in tight places.

We understand how fruit trees benefit from a prune, routinely offering expert advice and going above and beyond what is expected of us when completing our tasks.

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