How to know when to prune and trim a tree

Trees must be regularly pruned or cared for to keep them neat and healthy. Pruning is especially helpful when your tree’s branches are going in an awkward or potentially dangerous way.

But it can be tricky for the average person to know when their trees need pruning. How can you tell when your trees need to be trimmed or when they’re doing just fine? It’s challenging to spot the signs that a tree needs maintenance if you don’t have the proper experience. 

Don’t worry – by reading through this article, you can learn what you should do if you want to keep your trees healthy with the help of professional arborists.

Why Do Trees Need Pruning?

First, it’s paramount that everyone with trees on their Tauranga properties understands just how important pruning is. Sometimes tree branches can grow in ways that make them hazardous to the world around them or the tree itself. 

Some of the biggest reasons why you should ensure your trees are properly pruned are:

  • Health. One of the main reasons for pruning is to ensure your magnificent trees stay healthy. It’s best to trim away problem branches so the rest of the tree can thrive.
  • Safety. Dead, damaged or overgrown branches pose a risk of falling. Those heavy branches could fall onto something – or someone – around the tree. 
  • Appearance. It’s natural to want your trees to look their best. Routine pruning can keep your trees neat and lovely, whereas neglected trees may look messy and unsightly. 
How to know when to prune and trim a tree | Arborist Tauranga

It’s also vital to remember only to have your trees maintained by professionals who know what they’re doing. Experts like our team at Better Trees have the equipment, knowledge, experience and training needed to service your trees in the best way possible. We know how to prune trees in a way that gives them the best chance of growing strong in the future. 

Did you know that bad pruning can lead to poor regrowth and weak branches? Pruning too little might not achieve the desired results, and pruning too much can stress your tree and make it unhealthy.

Trees also come in many different shapes, sizes and types. We at Better Trees know how to examine your specific trees to understand the best way to treat them.

How Do I Know When A Tree Needs Pruning?

How do you know when to call your trusted local arborists to treat your trees?

A few signs that you should have your trees pruned are:

Your Tree’s Branches Are Dead, Broken, Crossing Or Getting Too Close. If you notice that any of your tree’s branches are dead, broken or getting too close to each other, it may be time for a prune. Branches that are too close, touching or crossing can reduce air and light flow throughout your tree, negatively impacting its health.

If it seems like there’s something strange going on with your tree, you should definitely consider speaking to your trusted arborist. 

Your Trees Are Becoming Overgrown Or Misshapen. Does your tree look a bit too unruly for your liking? Call your local arborist to maintain your tree and make it look nice and neat again. A professional will know the best ways to trim your trees in a way that encourages good, healthy regrowth. 

Your Tree Is Damaged Due To Weather. It’s common for trees to become damaged after harsh weather or a storm. This sudden damage can break branches, threatening anyone around the tree. 

Be sure to call your arborist if you see any broken or splintering branches on your trees that could be dangerous to deal with yourself. 

Your Tree Is Dangerously Overhanging Power Lines Or Your Property. If you notice any of your tree’s branches are getting close to nearby power lines, please call a professional to deal with the situation. Letting your tree grow too close to electrical lines is very dangerous and could lead to serious accidents in the future. 

Furthermore, if your tree’s branches are dangerously overhanging any part of your property and show signs of falling, they should be serviced by a professional as soon as possible. Overhanging branches could fall or drop leaves and branches onto your home’s roof and into your gutters.

How Do I Know If My Tree Should Be Pruned Or Removed?

Sometimes, pruning isn’t enough, and tree removal is your best option. The best way to determine if your tree needs pruning or removing is to have it inspected by a trained arborist. They will be able to tell you what they think is the best path to take. 

Whom Can I Call In New Zealand To Professional Maintain My Trees?

Do your trees need maintenance? Call our expert team at Better Trees. We will help you with any kind of tree, from small to large, and we specialise in situations that may be trickier or more dangerous than most. We will use our professional equipment and knowledge to make your trees more beautiful and healthy

Give us a call at 02041621601 if you’re concerned about any of the trees on your property. We would be happy to assist in any way we can.

Ensure your trees are pruned correctly with Better Trees – your Tauranga Arborists.