Tree Removal – Two Crucial Factors To Keep In Mind

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Professional tree removal services can help you remove trees for any reason. If there’s a tree on your property that you don’t like anymore, you can easily have it taken care of by a well-trained team of professionals.

However, removing a tree isn’t as simple as mowing your lawn or weeding a garden. Most trees are large, tough plants that will take a lot of work to remove. There are certain things that you should know about, and think about, before you decide to have a tree taken away.

What Should I Know About Having Trees Removed?

Trees can greatly impact the environment, your property and the people around you. So, tree removal can have quite a big effect on everything. Plus, removing one incorrectly can have serious consequences.

It would be best if you always reflected on your decision. You should never have a tree removed without considering the consequences and knowing the best way to have it taken care of.

Two crucial factors that you should know about when hiring someone to remove a tree:

Having A Tree Removed Can Impact The Space Around It. Trees have more impact on the space and people around it than many people realise. Trees absorb CO2 and their roots fight erosion. Having a tree taken down will have more of an effect than just changing the scenery.

So, only hire tree removal services if you know that the tree you are considering is safe to remove. Consider where the tree’s roots are, what other plants are in the area and so on.

Furthermore, please make sure you are allowed to have a tree removed. Certain regulations and laws may apply if you are removing a tree. You may want to look up your local council regulations before you hire someone to remove your tree.

You Should Only Hire A Professional When You Have A Tree Removed. Once you know that your tree is safe to remove and that you are allowed to remove it, you must absolutely always hire a professional to perform the tree removal. This is because removing a tree can be rather dangerous, especially if the tree is large.

Some people may think that removing a tree is easy. Just chop it down and haul it away, right? In reality, dealing with such a large job on your own can be severely hazardous. The tree could fall and hurt you, someone else, an animal or even your property. There is even a chance of fire if the tree hits a power line on the way down.

A professional will have the right tools and knowledge to determine the best ways to take down your tree. They will have the proper equipment to handle the physical work and the training to foresee how the tree will be removed. Cutting down large trees has inherent risks. Incorrect cutting techniques and miscalculations can cause the tree to fall in the wrong direction, where it can hurt people or property. 

Not many people realise that tree removal doesn’t stop once the branches, leaves and trunk of the tree are gone. Of course, the tree’s stump and roots will still be there and need to be taken care of. You can have the stump and roots professionally removed as well.

Even once the tree is safely chopped down, there are still heaps of material to get rid of. Wood, branches, leaves and more can take lots of labour, time, equipment like chainsaws and knowledge. To make sure the job goes well and in a timely manner, you must always hire a professional arborist who has the correct knowledge, experience and equipment for the job. 

Remember, trees are large and contain a lot of material, and mishandling the situation can lead to danger. A trained arborist will know how to safely, efficiently and correctly remove or maintain a tree and take care of the removed material safely.

What Reasons Are There To Remove Trees?

You may want to have a tree removed for several different reasons. Some of these reasons are practical and are meant to make the area safer, and others are simply for aesthetic reasons.

A few common reasons why people remove trees are:

  • The Tree Is Dead. Dead and decaying trees can be dangerous because they can fall and hurt people. If you suspect that a tree is dead, you may want to have it removed before it falls.
  • The Tree Is Diseased. If a tree gets so diseased that it cannot be treated properly, the best option may be to have it removed entirely.
  • The Tree Shows Signs Of Falling. Have you noticed some precariously hanging branches or an awkwardly-leaning tree? Trees that seem to be ready to fall are dangerous and should be dealt with.
  • The Tree Is In The Path Of Construction. If a tree is in a spot where you want to build something or paint something, naturally, you should have it removed. 

Is There Any Reason Why I Shouldn’t Remove My Trees?

Although there are cases where you should have a tree removed due to safety or other concerns, sometimes it’s better to only have your tree maintained and not fully removed. Sometimes, completely removing a tree has unforeseen drawbacks.

For example, if your tree is providing your home with shade, removing it will eliminate that cooling shade and you might find that your home is much hotter during the summer. 

To remedy this problem, you can instead choose to have your tree safely pruned and treated, rather than fully cut down. Then, you’ll still be able to enjoy your lovely tree and the shade that it provides.

Who Can I Go To If I Want A Tree Removed In New Zealand?

Contact Better Trees to get in touch with professional Tauranga arborists who will offer you the best tree services in the area. We offer services such as tree removal, tree maintenance, hedge trimming and more.

Whenever you want a tree removed, you should always entrust the job to people like us who have all the right knowledge and tools to safely and efficiently deal with the problem. 

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