How to maintain your trees In New Zealand

Trees can add so much to your Tauranga property. 

They add gorgeous natural colour, give you shade to rest under and they make your outdoor areas look more interesting. 

But you can’t just plant a tree and leave it; you have to keep your trees maintained. Poor maintenance and neglect can lead to unhealthy trees that look messy and are potentially dangerous.

What if you don’t have any experience with tree maintenance? 

What can you do to keep your lovely trees healthy?

Why Maintain Your Trees?

Before you learn how you can maintain your trees, you should first understand exactly why you need to. 

These are the most prominent reasons why tree maintenance is so vital for any property with trees on it:

  • Fruit Tree Maintenance Encourages Healthy Fruit Production. Do you have any fruit-bearing trees on your property? If so, you most likely look forward to the delicious produce that your trees can bring you. However, your tree’s fruits may not be as nice as you’d like if your tree isn’t cared for. Professional pruning can encourage fruit production and healthy growth.
  • Maintenance Makes Trees Safer. Trees with unkempt branches and wild growth can be dangerous. The limbs can touch power lines or fall on your possessions (or on people!). Regularly shaping your trees and keeping their growth in check will make them safer.
  • Regular Pruning Makes Trees Look Better. If you want your outdoor spaces to look beautiful and organised, you need your trees to be pruned.
  • Trimming Can Remove Damaged Or Diseased Branches. Damaged or diseased branches pose a higher risk of falling and causing serious damage, so they need to be pruned as soon as possible.  If you suspect any of your trees have dead or damaged parts, consult an arborist.
How to maintain your trees In New Zealand | Arborist Tauranga

An Easy Way To Keep Your Trees Beautiful And Thriving

You know that tree maintenance is important, but how exactly do you do it? Do you need to tackle the job yourself? 

Luckily, you don’t have to do that, and you really shouldn’t if you don’t have the tools and the training. There is a far easier way to ensure your trees stay lovely – hire professionals!

Professional tree workers can give you, and your trees, exactly what you need; all while you sit back and relax. You just have to find the best professionals for the job. 

Hiring experts, rather than attempting the work yourself, is the smartest way to go because:

They Have Professional Knowledge And Experience. Professionals who specialise in tree maintenance know what they’re doing. They’re trained, experienced and know how to prune trees to get the best results depending on what you want. 

Talk to your team of tree workers to discuss what you want for your trees. Are you trying to improve fruit production? Do you think there are dead or diseased branches on your trees? Or do you just want your trees to look amazing? Once everyone understands what you want, you can let them do what they do best.

They Know How To Examine A Tree To Give It The Specific Care It Needs. Every tree is built differently. So, tree trimming is certainly not a ‘one size fits all’ kind of job. Some species of trees are more flexible, others are harder, and still others are brittle and can’t handle rough treatment. 

Your professionals will understand how to examine a tree to determine the best way to maintain it. Not only will they know exactly where to start, but they’ll also know when to stop, being taking too much off of a tree can be seriously damaging.

They Have The Equipment. You probably don’t have what you need to correctly prune your trees sitting in your home. Going out to purchase a brand-new chainsaw is expensive, and you’ll even have to learn how to use it safely! You don’t need all of this hassle. 

But your professional tree workers won’t need to go through that because they already have the specialised gear they need, and they have the skills and knowledge to use them safely and efficiently.

It’s a lot cheaper, less stressful and far safer just to hire professional arborists to do the job for you.

They’re Used To Trimming Trees. Professionals have the experience, so they can mitigate risks and trim your trees like experts. Remember, the equipment used to prune trees is extremely dangerous if used incorrectly; one wrong move and someone’s seriously hurt. 

Your trusty team of tree workers is used to this work. They have the physical strength and mental knowledge to do what they have to without hurting themselves, you or your trees.

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