How To Maintain A Tree Before Hiring An Arborist

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Trees are strong, beautiful parts of nature that can enhance nearly any outdoor space they’re planted in. However, just like any other plant, they require routine maintenance to keep them healthy and strong. Tree maintenance tasks range from simple things that any gardener can do to difficult jobs that you should only entrust to a professional.

Of course, if your trees are showing serious signs of damage or disease, you should always call us to help you out. But, there are still plenty of simple things that you can do to keep your trees healthy on your own.

This article will highlight a few simple, easy-to-do things that you can do to look out for your trees.

Why Tree Services Are Important

The average person might think that trees don’t need much service because they look sturdy on their own. But, in reality, regular maintenance is crucial for the health and safety of both the trees and the people in the area.

Without proper tree maintenance, trees can become dangerously overgrown or diseased, which can affect the space around them. For example, if a tree never gets pruned, its dead or overgrown branches can fall and potentially damage people or property around it.

Helpful Tips To Keep Your Trees Beautiful And Healthy

There are plenty of simple tips and tricks that you should know about if you want to see your trees thrive. If there’re some trees on your property, or if you are planning on having some planted, remember these key tips:

Select The Right Type Of Trees For Your Tauranga Property. Whenever you plant any plant on your property, it’s essential that you choose types that are suitable for your area. After all, it would be disappointing to plant a new kind of tree only to discover that it won’t thrive in your space.

Consider trees with manageable tree maintenance requirements that’ll do well in your area. Additionally, make sure you also have them planted in areas where they’ll do well and won’t cause harm. Consider how big the tree will most likely be when it’s fully mature, and ensure it’s in a place where it will have ample room to grow.

Make Sure To Regularly Observe Your Trees. A big part of maintenance is looking for signs of damage or disease. Become familiar with how your trees are when they’re healthy. This way, if anything is out of the ordinary, you’ll know that something could be wrong, and you can take appropriate action.

Become Familiar With Possible Tree Diseases. Take some time to research what diseases are commonly found in your type of tree. If you familiarise yourself with the common signs, you can watch them and get your trees treated as soon as you notice anything bad. As with any disease, it’s best to treat it as quickly as possible before it worsens.

Try To Protect Your Trees From Harm. Tree maintenance isn’t always about direct actions to your trees; sometimes, you should also consider what you’re doing around your trees. Do your best to keep your trees safe from other garden activities that could harm them. For example, if pesticides or herbicides are used on plants around your trees, try to keep these potentially harmful chemicals away from the trees themselves.

Know When To Call In The Tauranga Professionals. As you can see, there’re heaps of things you can do to nurture your trees – but that doesn’t mean you have the equipment or knowledge to do everything they need. Always call the professionals to take care of bigger, more complicated jobs.

Certain tasks, like pruning and fruit tree maintenance, are challenging for the average person to do themselves. An expert arborist is your best option if you want to do what’s right for your trees.

What To Remember If You Want To Properly Maintain Your Trees

As you care for your trees, remember the following:

  • Regular maintenance can help your trees thrive.
  • Become familiar with the possible diseases that your trees can catch so you can watch out for symptoms.
  • Leave the bigger jobs to the professionals. Things like pruning and tree removal should only be done by experts who have the right equipment and knowledge. If you are in Tauranga, we can help. 
  • Consider talking to a local Electrician about any power risks with overhead lines. 

Trustworthy Professional Tree Services In Tauranga To Maintain And Treat Your Trees

If you only want the best for your trees, consider contacting us at Better Trees. Our well-trained team knows everything there is to know about tree maintenance and will do our absolute best to treat your trees with the care and attention they deserve.

Alternatively, we offer several other helpful services as well. We are happy to offer our help with tree removal, mulching, fruit tree care and more!

For more useful information, or if you’d like to speak to us about your situation, please call us at 020 4162 1601.

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